Chariots of Love

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Salim & Anarkali

The first fragrance Salim which is now in your hands (noses) is a collection that takes us on a journey to India surrounding of mystical aura of the Orient. In this picture we painting the images of love in the background of the tragic finale. We combine regal splendor, desire, failure to comply and bitterness of pain. This love is subject to a number of attempts to finally remained flame and memory ….

Anarkali - In this fragrance we paint the strength of feelings in the background of tragic love. A brass and multi-stratum smell develops and changes on the skin like changing feelings ... The heart beats harder, oriental dance of feelings no end, then scream turns into an intimate call (of loved) of a loved person.

Olfactory picture of the moment

Sweet and warm notes vibrates like in dance

This is a pair of lovers - Davana and Cedar -

A beautiful dancer is squirming among wood and resin notes

This is Anarkali -the most beautiful among the servants

She confesses her love to prince like a pearl among oriental notes